Dario Lo Iacono


I was born and raised in Sicily and I currently live in Serbia. I started as a child to show an interest in drawing, my propensity for art was born instinctively. I graduated from art high school and then continued my artistic studies attending the fine arts academy. In my art there is an inner search and at the same time a concentration for the visual aspect of the artwork, for a harmony of the whole. In general different artistic currents influence me, Impressionism for its concentration in visual sensations and perceptions instead of the subject, Classicism for the tendency towards beauty expressed through harmony and balance, I like Abstractionism because it's liberative, based exclusively on the autonomous language of shapes, colors and lines, moreover for some aspects I'm also interested in the conceptual art in which concepts and ideas prevail over the aesthetic result. Usually what inspires me is more related to the moment and to the connected mood, it can be a sensation associated with visual thinking, I work almost always imagining first in my mind what the final product will be, it's this interconnection between the visual aesthetic and the imagined that my art is based. I really love making portraits, especially of people no longer present who have had an important role in the arts, in cinema, in music, I like to bring them back to memory and make them always alive in the conscience of everyone through the use of colors, because I think that the mixture of colors, both hot and cold, always arouses and moves emotions in all of us. What is predominantly important to me is to convey positive emotions, those who look at my artworks must feel pleasure, temporarily breaking away from the heaviness of reality. My personal opinion is that art must be pleasing to the eye and soul.

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